Life Is More Than Blogging?!

I’m sorry for not writing my blog. 🙁 The last 2 1/2 weeks have had 4 conferences in them, and that doesn’t allow me to let my creative juices flow. And any time in the last week that I’ve had to write I’m trying to use to write a song, so *cough* sorry. But I think this song is going to be fairly interesting, so it’ll all be worth it long term. I apologize for abandoning you all.

But, you know I have to be frank with you. I don’t really enjoy blogging. :-/ I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends. I like my over the top and having a little (cough) loud Skype calls with friends/gamecasting. I like awkward moments when my sister and I get caught dance-daring. I like talking to strangers. Making music videos and creating stupid videos with others. Talking with my dad. Having fun and hopefully (o.0) edifying conversations. And overall, just spending time with people.

Life is so much more than writing a blog that really only a couple hundred people read. And I think it is important to write and come to an understanding of how life works by thinking through your posts and such. But when I spend all this time writing stuff that is mostly a bunch of immature and dumb posting, I don’t see the point. If people took the time they spent reading my blog and instead read Rushdoony, Calvin, and other great men in history they would grow so much more.

I’m way more of an extrovert than an introvert. And that’s a large part of it. But relationships drive specificity, and I feel blogs don’t really lend themselves very well to relationships. And that kind of applies to the whole internet in general.

But, I’ll keep writing blogs, so you don’t have to unfollow me. /-P


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