To Love; To Lust

To love is to care for another and not for one’s own gain or to fulfill one’s own desires. To love is to be there for those who are in your life. To love is about having thoughts filled with love for others. To love is considering others needs and desires more significant than yourself. To love is to care not only for my own interests but also for the interests of others. To love is to love when it is hard to love. To love is to be patient with others who are irritating and annoying. To love is to be kind to those who are mean and rude. To love is to rejoice at the holiness that is sprouting in my brother’s or sister’s life and to not rejoice at their sin. To love is to have hope that God can save even the worst of sinners.

Occasionally I think love is what I feel when I am attracted to another person whether physically or emotionally but often that is just lust. A longing to be given that which I desire. Rather, love is more an affection for another and a desire to give with nothing expected in return. It keeps going while lust burnt out years ago. It brings beauty to this world and to the lives of others.

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