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Too Much Encouragement? – Day 119

I’m tired of people being happy with mediocre. This happens to be the reason that Christians are so well known for being so incompetent. Do you want to watch something hokey, eh?  Switch on a Christian radio station or TV channel.  

Much of this incompetence is a consequence of our failure to challenge ourselves. We want to be “encouraged”, but encouragement certainly doesn’t involve criticism and critiquing. If you want to improve, you need to seek after criticism, as after a precious commodity. Ask competent trustworthy people, to preview your work and tear it apart. The Kendrick brothers who’ve been making increasingly better films all the time will send out their stuff to people they respect and just ask them to tear it apart. Over time they’ve become excellent filmmakers. Imagine if no one ever offered them helpful criticism.   What if they were always told how wonderful they were?   Why would they have any reason to grow?

Remember, if you’re going to be tearing someone’s stuff apart, you need to do it in love, because you desire to see them grow. I’m tired of bloggers vying for your assent with their position because they hate your position. They’re not driven by love, just hate.

We need a balance of truth and love. We need those that will be truthful when we do a good job, to offer enthusiastic encouragement! When we do terribly, we need them to challenge us to grow and to improve.

This all takes wisdom. Sometimes people just need to be encouraged with well worded questions and little nudges. At other times they just need someone to get in their face and speak in plain (not rude) terms.

Let’s strive towards heaven. And I hope I love you enough to encourage you, criticize you, and pull you with me.   I hope that you’ll do the same with the people around you.

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