Less is Sometimes More – Day 12

Sometimes all that needs to be said is “I love you.”

Waste – Day 11

Okay, little rant because I can’t think of something more helpful/creative at the moment. PICK UP YOUR TRASH!!! Okay I’m done. *angel* I go out once every month or so and pull trash out of the side of the roads near our house. And there is so much trash that people throw in there every month. Sure, I understand a banana peel because you’re feeding the ants. But soda cans, fast food wrappers, beer bottles/cans, and cigarette packages seem to be the most common with the occasional tennis shoe thrown in. *Who throws out one tennis shoe?* Must be some one legged man… A bunch of them… Part of taking dominion of the earth is about caring for it. It’s not about traipsing through a jungle and cutting down everything in sight. Sure, of...

Who am I? Who Are You? – Day 10

I oftentimes wonder if people are being real with me. Okay I’m a skeptic. But how can I trust that this salesman is telling me the truth about this product? How do I know it’ll last 3 years and not 1 year and a day (just to be sure it’s not covered by the warranty.) How do I know that this person who says they care about me isn’t lying and just trying to score brownie points with me. But then I look at myself and see that I don’t want to be real either. Do I want to open myself up to most likely get hurt in the end? Do I want to show people who I really am? The sinner who doesn’t do things perfectly and fowls up more then anyone would ever want to admit? How about if I say something and then everyone despises me? I look at the...

A Time to Sing – Day 9

It seems that whenever someone bursts out in song they’re happy. You generally don’t see someone angry singing. So when you feel down, sing!

A Word Fitly Spoken – Day 8

Proverbs 25:11 – A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. Do we really consider what we say? I think much of what we say will be forgotten. On Facebook and Twitter I oftentimes see many quotes from great men of the past. These are those words that were fitly spoken. They’re those words that are worth framing up and putting around our house. Our conversations will most likely prosper if we spend the time to formulate our words rightly and speak those words that will encourage and lift up.