Lovely Blogging

Well the year is almost over. It’s exciting. It’s time to come up with next year’s goals. What are your goals? I’m in the process of coming up with mine. Hopefully some good stuff will happen this year, Lord willing. ^_^

Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful for parents who love their children. Too many children are killed today. And many parents just want to get their children out of their hair for most of the year and groan about having them home during the summer. So it seems parents who really love their children and want to be around them are becoming increasingly rare.


Laughter is medicine to the soul. And I think that phrase is generally true. It means you can find the humor in life. You can find the fun in the midst of the roughest times. Sure, we can all be in good humor during the good times. But how about the bad times? Are you still happy? Are you still joyful? Or are you stressed and your hair is falling out? ^_^

Ask Yourself

Where are you planning to be over the next coming years? What’s your vision? Do you just go with the flow? Or do you have a plan?

Prosperity Gospel

Why is modern day evangelicalism built on a Christianity that seems to ignore passages like Psalm 88? I’m not sure.