New Years Resolutions – Day 1

Now is the traditional time to make our goals.

Of course me being a procrastinator I’m posting this 20 days later. ^_^ *pats self on the back*

I’m amazed at how we make such a big deal about making goals during the New Year. But, then expect to fail at them.

I know several people who say they dread January 1st because then the gym fills up and machines are hard to get at. But, not to worry because by March they’ll all be empty again..

A goal is part of building a vision for your life. It’s how you’re going to go about accomplishing that vision for your life over the next 80 years.

To be successful you’ll need goals, but more importantly follow through on them.

My goals:

1. Post about New Years Resolutions 19-20 days too late.. *check*
2. Post every day for the next year.

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