The Simple Life – Day 94

People seem to despise, or at least fail to appreciate the simple life today.

Rather everybody has got to have their social media, their youtube, movies, work, hobbies, sports, shopping, tv shows, e-mail, blogs, books, etc. And everyone is really busy with all of this. What about a little hanging out with the family? But the big man goes to work, eats dinner, watches TV, checks his e-mail 15 times, and maybe connects with family and friends for a few minutes here and there.

What about the simple life? Less stress. More relationships. But it’s not what we want. We’ve become the microwave generation. We constantly need streams of media flowing into our heads. We need music banging in our ears constantly. It’s very different from what it was like just 150 years ago.

So friends, do you like where we’ve come in our technological age? It seems we have the ability to accomplish quite a bit of something or other. But it feels that we waste much of our time instead.

Picture of the day #94: (Happy Birthday Sis! :-D)

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I'm not a big fan of where we've come. Here's my two cents on the subject:

Industrialism has forgotten that Man is also a thinker, a lover, a worshiper, etc… All it can see is Man as a worker. It makes Man almost Machine and the Machine almost Man. Thus even in entertainment Man looks for a mechanical stimulus of the sensual and forgets to think and have relationships. He is unable to rest, and is also unable to truly enjoy work as well, because he forgets that the purpose of his work is not work itself, but instead is worship and love.

-Peter Bringe
Deo Vindice

I'm very excited to see these advances in technology, and think that, like anything else, we must be masters of it. Twitter is a great servant but a horrid master.

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