Happy Mother’s Day – Day 109

As I sit, I see on my left side mothers taking care of their babies and loving them even when they’ve been screaming in their ear for the past twenty minutes and it reminds me that I was that same way as a tiny baby. (Except I screamed for 6 months straight as I understand. ;-P ) 

All of us at one time or another have been children. We all have mothers.

I look to my right hand side and see a 7 year old boy with a candy bar clenched in his hand.  His mom tells him to put it back. He runs around screaming “I want it!”

Motherly love is amazing. The love that gives until there’s nothing left to give.  

I look behind me and I see a 12 year old girl crossing her arms and refusing to respond to her mom when she reproves her for something. 

I see so much disrespect for mothers. So little appreciation. 

Then as I turn to look at my computer again I look up and see an older son rolling his eyes as his mother tells him to pull his pants above his knees. 

Thank you mom. And you don’t deserve only one day a year. Every day you give of yourself so much. You had me, you’ve fed me, you’ve reproved me, you’ve given so much, and love much, and yet I struggle to honor you from day to day. 

Thank you. I love you.

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