Saturday Sayings – Day 249

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Vision with no Discipline – Day 248

Big picture is great. People need to have a vision for their lives. If you don’t, you’ll wander around wondering what’s happening to you and where you’re going. But at the same time you need to focus on the day to day. Otherwise, you’re going to be overwhelmed. I’m amazed at how just working day to day I accomplish things. If I spent my entire time sitting back and looking at the project I would be overwhelmed. But as I complete part by part it becomes a reality and I don’t get overwhelmed. ^_^ It takes 10s of thousands of steps to run a marathon. But you just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Thankful Thursday – Day 247

Today I’m thankful for flowers. They’re pretty and smell good. They add sparks of color to the world. They are brought to hospitals, weddings, funerals, mom on Valentine’s Day, etc to help bring more happiness. They are always happy and smiling. But they do remind us that when they are pulled from the ground they slowly wilt and lose their beauty. Just like when one ignores the Word, neglects to pray, and forgets the worship of God. We wilt and die..

Power of the Press – Day 246

In America the President reigns for four years, and Journalism governs forever and ever. ~ Oscar Wilde

Why? – Day 245

Why do you do what you do? Why do you decide to make one choice over another. Every single choice leads to a consequence. It could be a choice like choosing to skip the second helping of dessert, or it could be choosing a spouse. Each of our choices are going to lead us down some sort of road. Some decisions will lead to eternal pain and others to everlasting bliss. Try to be purposeful in what you do. Because at some point you’re going to have to show the master what you did with his talents he bestowed upon you.