Death and Destruction

Life isn’t really about death and destruction. Life is about living and enjoying the smell of the trees and the beauty of the snow. It’s about being faithful, loving others, loving God, and obeying His commandments. Sometimes I feel people focus too much on the fact that life is horrible. No, life is great. With Christ that is. When you’re always focused on evil and how it’s “winning” then you’re going to live your life in a discouraged manner. If your belief is that Christ won on the cross and rose again from the dead, than we have no reason to be down. The short term may look horrible, but if you look up and see the risen Lord reigning than you have no reason to be focused on how horrid life is around you. If you can look up from your foxhole and see that Christ has promised you everlasting life and a seat at his table, you will be more hopeful and cheerful. Eschatology is important and can have much impact on the way you live your life from day to day. (depending on how consistent you are…)

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