Street Preaching

We’ve gone street preaching a couple times lately. It’s been a good time and a growing time for me.

I think the thing that excited me the most is that I really have to test my fundamental beliefs. I can sit around with my friends and talk about the little tiny issues all day long. But can I really answer the statements like, prove to me that God exists? How about the man who is a consistent agnostic and believes raping a two year old is okay? Your grasp of doctrine is really questioned and you can’t sit on your bed of roses/ignorance.

I also kept asking myself if I really loved these people. Could I love the homeless man who I’m talking to? Can I love this agnostic who is angry at a God who doesn’t exist? Ultimately, people’s souls are on the line. But then I remind myself that the message of Christ and his resurrection is Good news and people need to hear it.

It’s still hard for me to get out of my shell though.. <_<

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