Tick Tock

Every second I sit here I’m losing a second I’m never going to get back. The choice to watch that next tv show and waste another 45 minutes of my life is hanging in front of me. But at the same time, I’ve gotten everything done on my list. But am i stealing from tomorrow by not going to bed now?

It’s hard balancing work and play. I’m either on one side or the other. (probably more on the play side. *cough*) I think both are important. But what’s the balance? I’m still trying to figure that one out.

A couple thoughts, number one. Make a list. Once you knock out your list, then go relax. Reward yourself. But always prioritize your work. If you don’t make a list you end up getting overwhelmed and the work clutters over you and you end up just giving up. But when I have a list I just work through the list and then plan out my next day. Easy, right?

Sometimes I think life is simpler than I make it. But then my lack of character shows me that just because it’s simple doesn’t necessarily make it easy.

P.S. I should be releasing my new blog soon, with a url that’s a little easier to remember. YAY! ^_^

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