You Only Listening to One Side?

Everyone thinks they’re right. Otherwise they wouldn’t believe what they say. So if you’re ever online and see someone bad mouthing someone else. Take it with a grain of salt. The other person will have reasons that they think they’re right. Even a serial killer thinks he is doing good. That’s why you can’t accept what one angry person who’s mad at another angry person says. So next time you read some celebrity gossip, blog, etc, read it with a grain of salt. Typically there are two sinners in conflict or being gossiped about.

Also, don’t become a gawker. One time I got stuck in a twenty minute traffic jam. And I found out it was because of a bunch of people slowing down to stare at a burning building. Did these people help the situation by staring? No. They instead slowed everyone down. Similarly, when seeing a conflict or an issue in another’s life it’s typically not helpful to stare. Unless of course you’re willing to jump in and get your own hands dirty.

Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts. ~ Proverbs 21:2

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