Job 1-2

This book is a book about one solitary man. The heart of this godly man is being seen very closely, as through a microscope.

In this life we possibly won’t know why we must suffer through trials. Job didn’t know that God was showing Satan what a failure he was, as he tested Job.

The godly man will always have times where he has to stand alone. The evil culture in which you live will always criticize the godly man.

People should know that you are a Christian. Do you stand out? Not because of anything because of you? But because of being blameless, upright, and uncontaminated? Are you standing firm in Christ and making a stand out in this culture, which will always hate you as a Christian.

You can’t produce this godliness. But God will produce this within you. Repent of your sins and surrender your life to him.

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P.S. I’m going to listen to 3 of sermons from this series per week. The rest of the time I’m going to reserve for blog posts. ^_^

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  1. Peter Bringe
    Jan 30, 2012

    While I probably won't have time to listen to many of the sermons with you, it is great to have you summarize them for me. Keep it up!

    -Peter Bringe
    Deo Vindice

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