Church Explosions

I’ve heard of quite a few, I’ve seen one. These churches will literally be torn in half.

One thing that I think is important is don’t make hasty decisions. Stick around for awhile. Let the bombs stop exploding and let the dust settle. Rashness is where I see most people make a big mistake. That’s one way my dad has impressed me. He’s willing to stick out uncomfortable or antagonistic situations. Of course, there is a point where things just have to end. But I can’t tell you how many situations I personally would’ve thrown up my hands and got out of there where he keeps going. (I don’t envy the job of the pastor.) And that’s one thing we need. Be patient. Be humble.

Too many people treat the church as some sort of entertainment choice. They come because the preacher is dynamic, or the fellowship is good, or the fellowship meal food is tasty. Easy come, easy go. My dad always says, choose your bunch of sinners and stick with them. I think we need to have this philosophy more. It’ll make us more stable long term. Maybe one group really turns you off, well then go somewhere else. No big deal. But do find someplace and create roots. I realize that stability is mocked. Marriage is mocked for instance. But don’t let that be your driving force. Try to be stable. Christ is incredibly stable. He’s the rock. Shouldn’t we attempt to be this way, instead of being blown around by every wind of doctrine or little fight?

Please don’t be the angry men and women who are unstable and want to hurt others. Love others. Even the ones you disagree with you should love. If there was only more love I think we would see less big explosions.

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Good points.

We have to remember that we are part of the church, regardless of where we are.

Every person either helps or hurts the situation; the question is, which category do we fit into?

Such a good post, Daniel. I know that that's an issue I've struggled with; and in fact, we say around our house, "As Mr. Swanson says, 'Pick your bunch of sinners and stick with them.'" 🙂

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