Beauty – Day 4

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Psa 29:2 Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.

Holiness is a beautiful thing. People who put a major emphasis on external beauty and not their spiritual beauty are trying to put makeup on themselves while they’re bleeding to death.

Something I’m curious about is, why is this physical beauty so important? I think it’s because it’s our God. Clothing, makeup, accessories, etc can be overly important in our lives because the stuff we have is our God. (I’m sure there are other reasons as well.) We feel that if one is more beautiful, they will have more things and a better life. But, it just doesn’t work out that way. At some point, say bye to the good looks and you become wrinkled and hunched over and then that’s when a truly beautiful spiritually healthy person blossoms and shines. Plus, you’re going to die at some point so your stuff isn’t going to help you either.

But, we can’t be gnostic here. We can’t separate these issues completely. Taking care of yourself in a physical sense (i.e. cleanliness, exercise, wearing clothes that match, etc.) are important. I mean, face it a guy/girl isn’t going to want to marry someone who doesn’t take care of themselves. (Okay, I know there are “special” people out there for other “special” people, but that’s going to be an exception.) It has to do some with character. If you’re overweight (and it’s not some genetic/disease symptom) it’s going to say something like this person loves food, doesn’t take care for their body through exercise. And, maybe it’s true maybe it isn’t but that’s the message that’s being communicated. Plus, guys aren’t going to be completely utilitarian. There’s still physical attraction and maybe putting makeup on is going to help people see past your physical blemishes and meet the real you without being put off by your appearance. But, do you want to attract someone who’s just attracted to you because of your makeup?

It comes down to a balance. Everybody’s going to have a slightly different balance in life.

We’re being told things constantly through the media, advertisements, people, and peers. Compare what you’re told through God’s Word and He will direct your path in all things.

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