Marriage or Not? – Day 13

I’ve been thinking over this lately, partially because no matter where I go it seems someone’s always talking about marriage and how to get their kids married. Which is a legitimate concern because I look around and I see a lot of unmarried young ladies who are already beautiful cornerstones yet there is no man there for them. In the circles that I’ve grown up in many parents and children decide not to go down the college route of sending their kids off to be educated by the world. Which I agree with, except, well I’ll leave this till a later time…

Anyways, many couples come together in college. It makes sense, you meet a bunch of people of the opposite sex of about the same age, you’re both being educated the same way, you spend some concerted time with them, and typically it’s going to eventually happen.

So these parents are having their girls stay home and it in theory makes sense. If you want to be a good mother/help meet generally the home’s going to be the best place to learn to be the best at it.

Now here’s where the problem begins to happen. These young ladies are staying home and then the boys go to college. Wait, what… If this is all going to work there are going to have to be guys to marry.. <_< This system is fundamentally messed up. It’s going to come down to having to have your children in a pool of other young people. Number one, of course it should be a pool that you’re comfortable with your girls or boys getting married in. And number two there NEEDS TO BE A POOL!!! Just sayin’. In the end I don’t think there’s going to be one solution that’s going to automatically mean marriage. But there are things that one can and should do. And I think there’s another major problem and that’s the maturity of the young men. But I’ll post that tomorrow. ^_^ Tomorrow: Maturity And I’m also going to start a daily picture at the end or beginning of my blog posts. I’m going to try to take at least one picture each day, but I didn’t get a chance today so here’s a good one to premise my topic of maturity tomorrow.

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