Film – Day 101

Oh you beautiful black box, you pull my eyes toward you. Your static calls out to me in the night. The flashing images light up my eyes. I hear promises of much, yet I receive almost nothing. But your images become dull over time and I ask for more. I ask for flashier images and more disturbing images. I no longer am happy with a happy family and beavers. I want the dramatic. I want intensity. I want the grotesque. I ask for more cleavage and less honor. I beg of you to drag me through the mire. And then my flesh cries out “thank you.”

So I turn it off. Then I resort to a “Christian” movie. I watch bad acting. I enjoy terrible scripting. I amuse myself by viewing badly constructed sets. My sense of beauty cries out in terror and looks for the nearest exit.

There are many problems with today’s films. Mainstream films are generally unedifying. But then, neither are many Christian films. I feel like you wasted my time by selling me this badly-put-together film that makes unbelievers mock your film and laugh at you.

Let’s try to grow as Christians. Don’t accept the low standards that Hollywood gives us. But let’s also not be happy with badly made “Christian” films.

A disgruntled movie watcher (after watching another schlocky Christian film)

Picture of the day #101:

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