Heart Grows Fonder – Day 78

My sisters are back from almost a month long trip to England. And I must say that the saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” definitely applies in this situation. It’s easy not to appreciate someone when they’re with you all day every day. You tend to stare at their faults. You don’t appreciate who they are or what they do. It’s just the way our evil little hearts tend to be. Looking at all the negative things instead of dwelling on the good.

But when they leave, you recognize all they do. You feel their loss. You want to talk to them. You want to wake up and be able to say hello. And then say good night at the end of the day. You appreciate those little quirks that tend to annoy you, but now that they aren’t there you miss it.

Yet, today divorce and families who never speak to each other are all too common. Is the saying false? Is it not true? Well, without Christ it isn’t true. If it’s all about you, why would you want others in your life? That absence will just make you fall more in love with yourself. The only reason you’ll miss that person is because they are no longer washing your socks, or cooking you food, or bringing you money..

If we start with the heart that loves others, loves God, and serves, I think this saying is true. We will miss others for good reasons. We’ll appreciate their little quirks and personality. And when they leave, our hearts have a little hole punched in them. But when they return, that hole is mended and we feel oh so much better.

Love God and Love Others.

Thank you Father for loving us, oh so much more than we deserve.

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