Emotional Deadness – Day 114

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They walk in and out. Into one part of life and out of the other. As a PK I’ve seen mucho much peoples flow in and out of church. The visitor’s who are visiting for a couple Sundays all the way up to the people who are there for 5-6 years and then drift away over time/leave mad. Over time I’ve found it to be especially easy to disconnect. When you see people who are passionate you remember the other guy who was passionate who now is passionate about how much he hates you. You remember the silent, quiet, and seeming wise one who was really abusing his wife.

I have that tendency of being that skeptic. The one who sees the worst things first. I know, I know it’s bad in many parts of life, especially this one.
There’s a ditch on both sides. I see some people who are trusting of everyone. Here’s my bank account #, here’s my heart, here’s my emotions, do whatever you want. This person has forgotten that people sin and really our hearts are evil and most desperately wicked. While on the other hand you have me. The one who hates to give any real emotions to anyone. The one who doesn’t want to even have a true relationship because of the assumption that I’ll be hurt by it, because “I’ve seen it all before.”

In reality, hoping all things is what’s important. Not being naive, but neither are you some Scrooge (Daniel ;-P).

1 Corinthians 13

Oh love, so hard.

Picture of the day #114:

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