Abortion Kills Babies

A few months back I was watching a late night tv show and the host accidentally called the baby in a mother’s womb a baby! o.0 He quickly corrected himself and said fetus. He had to make sure everyone knew it was just a piece of worthless flesh until that magical moment when baby transferred from inside mom to outside of mom. Honestly, it’s moronic. Some people try very hard to save their 7-8 month old precious baby and others kill them. What separated the two children? Nothing. Except one’s mother hated them and the other did not.

Our culture does not want to admit they are addicted to selfishness. They get angry at Casey Anthony for allegedly killing her daughter, but justify themselves in destroying their babies that just haven’t popped out of mom yet. A mom that kills their child when they’re two versus three months old in the womb are both extraordinarily selfish and guilty of the same crime.

When a baby in the womb of a mother is killed, you are destroying those beautiful eyes that would look out at the world in wonder and slowly grow older and eventually look down at their young children and grandchildren someday. The ears that would hear a mother’s tender loving voice, that would hear the birds chirping in the mornings, and the words that would Lord willing be brought to him/her about Christ and His beautiful salvation. The mouth will never say words like “I love you mama.” There will never be a child’s little laugh echoing through your house.

Abortion can’t go on if we want a culture that will survive. It’s training a culture that doesn’t love life. Many theologies I’ve been seeing arise on the internet world are very pessimistic and nihilistic. We’re hardened by the gore we watch on tv, the birth control ads on tv, and the abortions that happen all around us, and we don’t have the soft hearts towards children that we once did.

Thankfully God does provide healing and forgiveness. And that’s why we can look hopefully one day to being able to taste the food on our Lord’s table after we die. But we can’t just stand by and watch children being offered on the altar of selfishness. It’s just like the Mayans who brought their children to be sacrificed, we just serve a different god, ourselves.

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Excellent post, Daniel!
I am VERY much against abortion and am always glad to see others standing up for whats right too!

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