College or Not?

The recent question that many people are asking is, “Is college worth it?” I’ve read plenty of news articles about the most worthless degrees, why college is the most overpriced product on the market, some homeschool books about it, etc. And I think there are plenty of good arguments on both sides. But here’s my take on it. It’s not quite long enough for a book, so I’ll just post it here. :-/

You need to work. If you do not have the ability to make enough money and work your bum off without a college degree, then go get one. If you’re sitting around your house not learning and not working, go to college. Hopefully that will be a big enough kick in the pants to get you started in life.

The End ^_^

One reply on “College or Not?”

Agreed! Though I think that you could add one more category to your list of reasons for college, and that is that some professions require a degree.
My older brother Nathan is studying to be a Sergen (Cardiovascular I believe) and for that, a degree is a must. And in some other professions, like engineering, that piece of paper which says "I went to college" is simply a door opener, somewhat unfortunately, because that's the field which I'm interested in, so I'm looking at going to college, though if you can think of a way to get into the engineering field without one, I'd love to hear it! (Speaking of which, I've been meaning to contact you Dad about that, because he's a mechanical engineer as well)

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