Creativity and creation is what we want to do as human beings. We want to become the world’s best designer, or build Facebook, or build a house, or take the best pictures on Instagram. We want to come out with the new biggest and most creative idea. We want to find that original idea that no one has ever thought of.

But in reality, everything has been discovered and created at one time or another. Nothing is new under the sun. Everything has been based on someone else’s idea or ultimately on God’s creation.

God is the only one who makes things that are original. And that’s why if we go to the source of His creation and His words we will receive the best inspiration for our ideas.

We as humans don’t just create things, we innovate. We need to become good innovators. If we’re always searching for something brand new and outside of God, eventually we will turn out really junky designs because we are trying to avoid the ultimate creator.

P.S. Also, you can check out one of my friends blogs: He designs stuff. ^_^

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