Mmm, sorry for the lack of posting. I’ve been fairly busy this week. I’m finishing up an iPhone app that I’m hoping to finish next week that is definitely exciting, especially since this is my first app that I’ve programmed myself. ^_^ And I’m working on a 30 second commercial that is going to take something like 8 hours to shoot. And other stuff. It was a good week, but I’m pretty tired. One thing I’ve noted is that I need sleep in order to do things. I seemed to average 6 hours of sleep per night this week and it’s just not really conducive to thinking well and getting the most done with my time. I know many people say that working long hours is important. But I think most of life is about a balance. Most people don’t work very efficiently who work 16 hours per day, every day. I think the hardest worker can tend to be the smart worker. The one who spends 2 hours focusing extremely well on a problem compared to the guy who spends 8 hours on the problem because he was distracted, or whatever. I’ve fallen in that category a few too many times. So I’ve been working on getting out of that mode.

But now, I tend to be fairly unbalanced and either like to work and ignore everyone and be a grouch or I want to be mister social and not get much done. This is something I’m going to try to work on these next few months. Staying happy and social while at the same time staying focused on the things that need to get done today. Hope you all have a wonderful Subday worshipping God. ^_^

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