Commitment – Day 57

It’s tough to commit to things. It’s tough to stick with a marriage. It’s tough to stick with friendships. It’s tough to read God’s Word every day. It’s tough to work instead of play. It’s tough to love others. It’s tough to love the Lord and hate the flesh.

Of course, it can be easy at times. But eventually you’re going to hit that wall. The one you have to climb over. And it takes commitment.

It takes making that choice to stick through it. Fight through it.

It takes commitment. Something that many of us struggle with. Maybe we’re committed to watching tv every night, but are we committed to loving that friend who offended us?

Commitment gets things done. When you grit your teeth and make things happen then things get done.

So as you sit down to work on a project or a tough situation grit your teeth and remember that Christ was so committed to us that he laid down his life for us.

Vlog of the day #7: Done *check* (If you guys want to see these, e-mail me and I’ll send you the links. ;-P)

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